day trip from marrakech to ourika valley

Marrakech To Ourika Valley Excursion

Your Ourika valley day trip begins in early morning from your traditional Hotel in Marrakech moving from the warm city and driving through the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, passing by tremendous views and landscapes, as we start climbing the high Atlas mountains. You would be certainly impressed by waterfalls for our first part of the journey you may want to observe the lush green hillsides, Berber villages and rolling hills and have chance to take some dramatic shots of the nature on your camera.

As soon as we get to Ourika, you would be stunned by the marvellous landscapes and view, you would fall in love with the smooth texture of green mountains and gorgeous high waterfalls feeling that you are on your own paradise. On Marrakech to Ourika Valley day trip, we would visit a native family to discover more about the generosity of the southern people and their hospitality, as they would gladly offer us their nice typical breakfast mainly consisting of bread, honey, butter and olive oil. We will continue our Marrakech excursions through the captivating mountain passes charming waterfalls along the road to reach the amazing Setti Fatma.

The magical village has the most picturesque landscape, surrounded by walnut trees and weeping willows, where the air becomes cooler with a green landscape and magnificent views of the high snowy mountains of the Great Atlas. It would be better if you bring along some hiking boots as we go on a short trail through and hikes to some of the Setti Fatma marvellous Cascades. When we get back from a memorable hike in the mountains and exploring the beautiful waterfalls, we will go to a local restaurant in the region to and enjoy a delicious Berber Tagine prepared on a wood fire with an incredibly refreshing tea with Berber herbs while admiring the white waters that cross the mountain valleys.

At the end of our unforgettable Day Trip to Ourika Valley, we will start heading towards the beautiful Red City Marrakech, taking some memorable pictures of the magnificent Middle Atlas.