spa and hammam article

Fes Hammam / Fes Spa

A visit to a Moroccan Hammam (bathhouse) is the most wonderful experience and one of the best ways to interact with the locals, and to have the best time for you as well. So if its your first time in Morocco, don't miss out on a cleansing and cultural experience. Hammam etiquette is not an absolute, but here is a general guide to getting the most from the traditional way of typical Moroccan bathing. Fez is one of the best places in Morocco to join the locals in a long, relaxing hot bath, with a rigorous scrub-down thrown in for good measure. If you’re unfamiliar with the routine, it is best, especially for women, to ask someone at your hotel to escort you. You only need to take your towel, soap, shampoo (or Ghasoul, the fine-mud alternative) and swimsuit (or change of underwear) to get the most mesmerizing relaxing experience. Fes Hammam Spa will give you the best chance to enjoy the luxury of Moroccan Baths with the most incredible natural Moroccan products made with pure oils and handmade body lotions and creams.

Fes Hammam Spa would help relax in the most exotic experience originated during the time of the Roman Empire and it has been a tradition from back then till now. In Morocco, people from all social classes and cities go to Hammams to remove their dead skin cells, and to maintain this long tradition at least once a week. On the Hammam, you would be able to discover the beauty of the Arabic architecture, as you will be stunned by the beautiful designs of the building. Hammam and Spa activity will give the ultimate Moroccan steam bath experience, with top-quality products and masseuses leaving you with the best mood. During your Fes Hammam Spa, you can relax while sitting in the sauna, and sometimes there is pleasant background music. Again, you can choose between a scrub and a massage, but if you haven’t had a scrub in a while, we do recommend one, as seeing all the dead cells being removed from your body is very satisfying.