middle atlas day trip

Day Trip From Fes to Middle Atlas

Another wonderful Fes excursion to another fabulous destination. Today's trip would be to one of the perfect destination to relax and make contact with mother nature. Your Excursions from Fes to Middle Atlas will start from Fes the surviving Castle to the most charming towns of the Atlas mountains. We will leave Fes in the morning to start heading towards the cold side of the country passing by most charming landscape and captivating small villages.

Fes to Middle Atlas Day Trip takes us through wide cedar forests that create the refreshing pockets of woodland and easy hiking terrains, connecting the dots between Berber hill towns and villages making the perfect mixture with its cool, temperate climate and forests of towering cedar, the Middle Atlas is a surprise to most visitors who take the time to venture up here from the twin imperial cities down below. Our drive continues through the narrow winding mountain passages through the green forests to the charming little town of Imouzzar. Imouzzer Kandar, a small tourist town at the headwaters of the biggest water sources in Morocco, we would have a break there to get some delicious tasty breakfast, breathe some clean pure air away from the cities noises and explore the beauty of the marvellous Berber area.

Our Tasty Moroccan Tajine would be served in Ifran, another Mountains town with the cleanest environment in the whole country, the real beauty of Morocco's natural environments but still have the comforts of a modern city, we will spend the time there wandering through the green valleys and taking the greatest lifetime pictures. The next visit on Excursions from Fes to Middle Atlas would the Berber town of Azrou, the stunning little cities with the best natural views and largest Cedar forest in the country. Our team will guide you through the wonderful town and the green forest to relax and have some quality time with the nice little Barbary monkeys. The final destination on our Fes Excursions would be Fes the old city as we drop you off again at your luxurious Riad or Hotel after an unforgettable day trip.